Day 58

The funny thing here is that my favorite plush when I was younger was a koala, it was my best friend and I would keep it always by my side *yes still talking about plushies*. So this drawing made me think of it!



Traveling Canada – Quebec (3)

Hey there! Ready for part 3? There is soo many things to see and do here!

So…Since Bruno didn’t know anything about winter sports, we went to do some snowshoeing and sliding. If you dare to come in Canada while it’s cold, go outside and try do to any winter sports, like skiing, ice skating, sliding, etc. There is a lot of place where you can rent equipment for a low price and enjoy the snow and cold weather. After doing some sport we went to see a game of our national sport, Hockey!

Near Qc City there is a wonderful and impressive waterfall named `”Chute Montmorency”. During the coldest period of the year we can actually walk right to it on the ice sheet and admire it closely. It’s a must see! Right in front of it, there is an Island famous for all the homemade product and views you can get. The Island is named “Ile d’Orleans”. Sadly, we didn’t have time to visit… 😦

There is a lot of gardens, and museums you can visit in Quebec city, we went to visit some of them but our highlight was the Aquarium of Quebec city. Since we are both marine biologist it was hard not to go. What is pleasant about this aquarium is that they are showing the local species. Therefore, I could show more about the east coast of north America to Bruno.


Downtown Quebec city we have a permanent market that has tons of foods and crafts! If you want to taste fresh food, and look at some gifts you might want to bring back, this is a good place. Right next to it, there is the marina of the city, museums, and the “Place 400” that held a lot of tiny festivals all summer long you should check this out!


Going shopping? Of course! We have really big malls and shopping center in Quebec city. If you are the type who loves doing the boutiques, you should take a look at those places : Place Laurier, Place St-Foy, Place de la cité, Place Fleur-de-Lys, and go in the old city portion to see fancy clothes boutiques and tons of other stuff! Bruno and I did a lot of shopping, since everything is less expensive in here than in his country. Doesn’t he looks good in this suit?


Going to the country side is always nice. On this little journey I could show Bruno the typical Canadian houses built hundreds of years ago. He also tried our traditional sugar shack sticky and delicious maple dessert!

Finally, we enjoyed every moment! In those post I showed you a lot of the activities we’ve done in a tiny month, but we could also enjoyed a lot being on our own doing nothing but watch a movie. Quality time with you lover is the best thing you can ask for!

So…I hope this inspired you to pass by my country and gave you ideas for traveling in general.

See you next post!

Julie-Anne and Bruno


Day 51

Rainbows! We love rainbows, they fit with unicorns :).

Welcome to our new followers! If you are new around here you might wonder what is happening, I would recommend to take a look at the previous drawings and take a look at our blog posts to understand who are those crazy people behind the blog. Have fun!