Basic tips

Hi new follower!

Before we talk about our traveling experience in this category I wanted to give you some basic advice to keep in mind.

My first advice is to plan a few months ahead of time if possible. Why? Simply because it is exiting and helpful to have a date to hang on to… and it helps plan what to do.

The second advice is that the plane tickets are always cheaper to buy 30 to 60 days before the departure date. If you know exactly when you are leaving, this can help reduce a lot the price of the plane ticket. We all know the struggle about money and plane tickets here, so sharing tips like this is always nice! Go see on different website like Kayak, Flight Hub, Orbitz, Expedia, and the website of companies. But website like Kayak (which is my favorite) have prevision grid for prices and alert you can schedule. So check this out!

Third, don’t forget to check about any paper work to do (Visa for example), and maybe vaccines? Paper work can take more time than you think, so be careful with this step.

Fourth, in my opinion, the best way to get to know a place is always to travel with locals. For example, I could show to Bruno tons of little places that are my favorites when he came to my home town. It helped him to enjoy the place and dive into our culture. Not to forgot to mention that we are a LDR AMWF couple, which means asian men- white female. This means that we are a culturally mixed couple. There is so much to learn about a culture when you are visiting a place so I made sure he experience our most traditional and pleasant part of our culture. Learning about your SO culture and hometown allows you to learn more about him/her. For me, to see the place where Bruno was born and raised is really important.So I’ll make sure to plan to go to Brazil soon. Think about that while you are traveling with your SO!

Finally: enjoyyy! Planning a trip is always exciting, even more when it is to see your significant other.

Photo : Flying over the Rockies in BC, Canada.

Have a nice day 🙂



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