Traveling Canada – Quebec (2)

After my little chat about Canada in general and it’s cold weather, now let’s see what type of activities we have done in Quebec city:

We went on a tiny cruise from south Quebec city (Levis) to downtown Qc city so he could see the whole scenery of the old town we are living in, at sunset of course! But don’t forget, the sun is setting quite early during winter time.

We walked a lot around to be sure he can appreciate the city properly.  The old part of Quebec City is not that big, so you can easily walk around and enjoy it for properly in a full day! There is even the most beautiful road in Canada called “Petit Champlain”. For all the romantic lovers out there, you should definitely go there! And since we are tinted a lot with French culture, you’ll discover tons of little cafe to stop by.


If ever you are a fan of good brewed beer, you came to the right place. My city is well known for amazing locally brewed beer. You can go around pretty much any area and have good breweries. Even though I recommend : la Barberie, la Souche, la Voie Maltée.

We went to see the Ice Hotel, which is only open during a short month (February). If you didn’t know, there’s only 2 ice hotel in the entire world. If you have the chance to see one this is a must! Funny fact here : the castle in Frozen was inspired of the Ice hotel in Quebec city, and Game of throne crew held a special event last year in this hotel!

We went to a fancy restaurant for our 9 months, to eat duck and rabbit..  typical french style 🙂 at the “Lapin Sauté” (Photo on the right). To dive into a culture we always need to try the food! So I made him try Poutine (Photo on the left), which is the most known Quebec-er meal around the world! Fries, curd cheese and gravy = the best!

and…. the rest is going to be posted on part 3!!

Keep following our updates every week in different subjects, and don’t forget to leave comments!

Julie-Anne and Bruno


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