Day 88

HEY GUYS! I am in Sao Paulo FINALLY!!! 😀 😀 😀



Day 87

Leaving tonight for a month! Happy meeee!!! Follow us, we will post blogs about our traveling experience and our third meeting!


Gift ideas!

Hey guys!

Are you wondering what to offer to your SO and his/her family when you’ll be visiting? After the lists of activities that I created lately, let get you some gift ideas you might like to offer. For all of you out there that doesn’t have a lot of money, don’t worry. There is always handmade gifts and cheap gifts idea. Of course you can offer more expensive stuff if you want and can. Ready? Lettuce begin (Again reference from Krist soup on YouTube).

1 – Postcards aren’t out of date when you are living thousands of miles away. A very old fashion hand written letter is so nice to receive, and even more if it is made by yourself! If you want to know how to do a DIY postcard, check out the DIY section!


2- Why not offering typical tools or useful objects from your country. Example, the parents of Bruno offered to my parents a traditional Japanese tea pot. In return, we offered a lot of maple syrup derived products (maple syrup, candies, maple sugar, maple spread, etc.). So … what is eatable, or useful, that comes from your country, and could be easily offered? Think about it! (Food, clothes, tools, art, games, etc.)

3- Clothes! If you know the shape and body size of your SO, and you stumble upon a pretty shirt, or piece of clothe, why not buying it? I bought several shirts to Bruno already, and it was always appreciated. It is even more appreciated when you touch up a plain shirt with your own art! Take a look in the DIY section to learn about how to modify your own shirts.

4- Shoes! It is maybe hard to find the right pair you say, but for some type of shoes no need : Flipflops for example! I received a pair from Bruno and I love them. Cheap and useful!

5- Are you living in a Nordic country? think about those things : good quality sucks made of wool to keep your feet warm. Another idea: knitted stuff! I did a scarf for Bruno once, so he could stay warm during our Canadian winter. Keep watching the DIY section of our blog, I’ll post how a tutorial on how to do your own scarf!IMG-20151228-WA0000

6- For all the geek out there: sending board games/video games or paying for online games to play together is always an excellent gift to make.

So this is it for the first lit of gifts, stay tune if you want to have more ideas. Other lists will come soon and tons of DIY if you love to create stuff! Thanks for following us.

Julie-Anne and Bruno