Traveling to Brazil

Hi everyone! As you know I am currently in Brazil where Bruno lives. It is my first time in this country and I am learning tons of stuff about the place, the culture, and I thought that I could share this in another traveling post. In this first post about Brazil I’ll share my tips and traveling experience.

From Montreal, Canada, to Sao Paulo, Brazil, it took me roughly 13h of flight which is the most direct flight I could get (Yay!). Getting through custom was actually really simple… way more than I thought. They only checked my passport, didn’t even asked me questions, stamped my passport and that was it (maybe I am some sort of lucky…). If ever you are thinking about going to Brazil, be aware that technically it is not that easy to come in. The Visa are quite hard to get, and you “need” to know someone inside the country. The Olympics are coming in Brazil, and Canadian people can get here without a Visa till September 2016 (again super lucky me!). So check this little administrative things to do before coming here!

From my tiny bit of experience in here, in the state of Sao Paulo, this is not an easy place for tourists. The quantity of people speaking in English are low, but at least people will try their best to help you get what you want. I am lucky to visit a portion of the country with Bruno, who is a local person. With him I don’t have any problem for language, directions, visiting special places, and knowing the security basics. Be aware, if you come to visit, about security. Bruno always tells me, depending on where we are going, what I should carry with me or not (cellphone, jewels, computer, camera, etc.) and if we should go back at night or not. Do your research if you don’t have anybody to advise you. Pickpockets and robbery do happen often so be careful.

My final tip for you is to prepare a lot of money, even though for some people (like me who’s from Canada) think that it might be cheap to go to Brazil, it is actually not. Even if your money worth way more than the Real, tons of thing here are out of price. It is easy to spend 100 R$ bills in a day for normal activities. Keep that in mind! (NB : there’s a lot of activities cheaper for students, so bring your ID if you are!)

Those tips were the boring portion that I wanted you to know about since I think it is important. On another hand, this country is colorful and diverse. In the next post I’ll tell you more about what I discovered and the activities that we are doing. Here’s a taste :


Stayy tuuuunnneed!



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