Brazil activities (1)

Hello everyone!

Here we go with our activity list! Hope it’s going to inspire you to come and visit this country (or to do some activities in your own country, if you are already living in Brazil).

On my first day I met my in-laws for the first time. We are a huge total of 8 people since Bruno has 2 older sister that are also in a couple. Here we are (Be careful while watching this photo, it may contains prettiness) :


For the first day, we barely visit the place since I was too tired *yeah… Sometime that happens*. But for my first glimpse I was impress by that “ginourmous” city :

Ginourmous = giant + enourmous expression in the pocket dictionary of Ju-no (Julie-Anne & Bruno)


The second day, the family of Bruno took me to the Botanical garden of Sao Paulo. It is basically a huge park where you can walk around and admire the plants, the view and wild animals. Tiny note to tell you that during the winter period (which is may to august) there is not a lot of flowers sadly. During our visit, we were lucky enough to see a Tatu roaming around. This animal is more than cute! I can tell! At night we went to have my welcome dinner at a fancy Japanese restaurant! Nice thing to know : every Japanese/Asian restaurant are expensive in here, so don’t go there thinking that it’s going to be a quick and cheap meal.

On the next day,  Bruno showed me Liberdade, which means liberty in Portuguese. It is the Chinatown of Sao Paulo. Actually a funny fact is, that Liberdade was mainly constructed and inhabited by Japanese people. So I prefer to call it Japatown instead. Second funny fact is that the biggest colony of Japanese in the world is currently in Brazil. Back on the track : during the day, we had ramen (of course, whoever knows me, knows how much I love ramen), visited the museum of the Japanese immigration and went to a “supposed to be” garden in the middle of the district (lovely rebaptised “the failed garden” since it’s actually a garden that was transformed in a fast food garden). I had my first coconut water ever, and it was delicious.

For the rest of the afternoon, we went to the cultural center, which is a dynamic place, where young people hang around, dance, sing, rest, study, etc… Even if Sao Paulo is one of the biggest and most populated city of the world, we managed to stumble upon one of the best friends of Bruno! We finished our day at Paulista avenue, which is the most famous and touristic place to go in Sao Paulo. Another funny fact that I didn’t know was that Paulista is actually the way you call people that are born in Sao Paulo. We had a fantastic/dangerous *Joking here, that was just a little bit adventurous* meal in a little street behind the huge and crowded Paulista Av. We actually order a pizza and ate it on a corner of a street, since the restaurant was actually only a delivery service. The pizza are way different than American ones. They don’t even have cheese sometimes! But I can tell, they are actually pretty good. To wrap up our fantastic meal we stumble upon “French Crepes” and I wanted to check if they were real ones. Found out that the owner was actually a French girl (so it was pretty good and legit French crepes!).

Since we have a lot to say, and we don’t want the posts to be infinites ones, we’ll stop here for today! But hey, we have a full month to describe, haha!

Stay tuuuuuned



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