Day 149


It is our 16 months couple anniversary today, I know we are cheesy… counting the months… but oh well yes we are and we are happy to share it with you 🙂

Life is too short, better be cheesy :3img-20160918-wa0002


Day 148

Hihi, this looks awfully cute right? Well you should definitely go and google image and check out for Nudibranchs, they are such cute creatures! 🙂


Day 147

Okay this one might seem weird, and yeah you saw it right…

Few days ago, we were talking on Skype, when Bruno saw a cat outside and found it super cute. Suddenly the cat stopped next to him and started to lick… well you know where. Bruno found it so funny that he said it out loud, but while he wasn’t looking at the Skype conversation, my parents gathered around me to say hello to him. He was literally caught saying stupid things in front of the camera. He turned red like a tomato, and then excused himself in front of my parents. It was soooo funny. Thank you love for this stupid/funny/embarrassing moment.


Day 146

Ah… leaving is never easy. But one thing I can say, is that with time, and practice, it gets less worse. Oh course we cried, and it was hard to leave everyone, but I had a wonderful time there. I learned so much, I saw so many things, I experienced tons of new food, I saw where Bruno grew up, I met his family and I loved moments. Just like Bruno wrote, we learn, with time, to enjoy our moments together, and cherish them, instead of fearing the departure.

Here is the end of the drawings related to our trip. Bruno was able to draw the majority of our days together. Hope you liked it. Now we will get back to our blog post version!


Day 145

On my last day in Brazil, me and Bruno had a special evening shopping. Not for clothes or gifts, but for a ring. Yes a ring!

On that night I asked Bruno about the alliance that a lot of couple has in Brazil, it’s a silver one that you wear on your right hand instead of the left one. He told me that it was a “promise” ring. It is a baby step further in a serious relationship, but still not an engagement ring. I thought this tradition was amazing since we don’t have that in Canada, and after talking a bit about it we decided to buy a couple ring. Typically, when you buy those rings they will engrave the name of your partner and the date of your couple anniversary. Since we don’t like mainstream…. (at first we thought on writing something about unicorns… yeah) we decided to write 5000 miles away J&B instead. 🙂

I am curious, do you have any other tradition in your country about engagement rings, or couple rings? Let me know!


Day 144

Few days before my return to Canada, I decided to have a Geek day. I wrote “geek boutique” on GoogleMap, and spotted all the geek store in a close area. We went to the Geek House, also a boardgame cafe, and played for a while. We even went to a geek clothing boutique, and a collection type of boutique. All of those were close to the touristic area of Sao Paulo (Augusta street). It was a wonderful day walking around and enjoying our geekness!


Day 143

Ahhhh going for the first time to a churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ) was such a great experience. I like how you just sit down to a table and get tons of different type of meat on stick and choose what ever you want to eat. If ever you are a meat lover, I definitely recommend to go to a churrascaria in Brazil!


Day 142

I went to a second wedding during my month in Sao Paulo. First, I need to say that this wedding was more than beautiful. Such an incredible connection and love between the newly wed couple! I had the best caipirihna ever, it was all organic! sugar, vodka, fruits, etc, all! The party was incredible aslo! But now… let’s talk adventure time…. Bruno will probably no like me for telling this, but we had quite an adventure for this wedding actually… We had more than a full day  (like you could saw in the past posts) the past day, we went to bed, quite late. And we thought it was fine since Bruno told me the wedding was at night. But, oh well, when we woke up at noon, receiving the text of his sister saying, hey wasn’t the wedding at noon? It was quite a surprise for me to see Bruno react badly, and say that he totally messed up with the schedule…. ahh my my! How can you forget a wedding! Hahaha! So well, we prepared ourselves in 20 minutes and ran to the wedding, sadly we arrived right after the ceremony. Of course his friend was a bit mad after him, but at least we could celebrate their union and enjoy the party with everyone!

So this is it for today with another adventure time! And yes you can laugh at us it is allowed 🙂


Day 141

(Crazy day final part! ouf!) So… we decided, around 1 AM, to go to a flower market, at the biggest market in Sao Paulo. This open market is open 24/7, and the type of thing sold over there switch every 8 hours or around so! Can you imagine all the stuff you can found there? So, yeah, we ended up in the flower market happening at night. It was such a wonderful thing to see. I even stumble upon a bonsai cherry tree that was blooming! Such a beautiful thing to see. And finally, we went back home to sleep! Crazy day!


Day 140

(Third part of this crazy day!) Since we were near a good brewrie when we crossed the famous bridge, we decided to have fancy beer all together. The funny thing I found out is the beers from my city (Quebec city) are quite famous now, I could find some of them in that bar. I tried a few beer from Brazil, and it was more than delicious. If you can, try açai beers this is awesome. We had quite a nice time, chatting and telling jokes that night. It was around 12:30 and we decided, to go…. to be continued!