Day 150 and newss

Hi guys! Finally we have another drawing here. We just hit the 150 days mile.

With this special number (well for me), I’ll let you know why we are off the map since a few weeks. Bruno and I are working very hard to make our dream come true: which is moving out to Victoria next spring, and finally close the distance between us. To get there, Bruno needs to finish a crazy semester where he is studying at two university at the same time and do all the paperwork to get to Canada. On my side, I need to finish my master in Oceanography, which is not a piece of cake. The good news is that a portion of the paper work is done, we just need to wait for an answer. Now we need to keep on working like crazy to be able to get there! I know we will.

So for now, we will press pause for a while to get all our efforts on our dream. 🙂 Cheer for us, we will need it! and thank you for all of you that are following us in our adventures! Soon enough we will be back with other story to tell and new drawings!img-20161002-wa0014


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