Day 162

Guys I’m leaving tomorrow! 😀



Day 160

A lot of people have preferences towards animals. Some prefer dogs (like Bruno who is a huuuuge dog lover), some prefer cats, some prefer rabbits, or even reptiles… I prefer birds. Birds are incredible creatures to me. I have two finches at home, and I also had a parrot that died few years ago. I am wondering how it’s gonna be when Bruno and I get together though…. tons of birds and dogs in a house doesn’t sound like a great idea. Oh well, I guess only the future will tell.

What type of animal lover are you? Do you have a couple issue on this matter? Or did you compromise for your beloved one? Let us know 😉


Day 158

Kimi no na wa, which means : “Your name” in English, is another Japanese movie we adored. This movie was a huge success in Asia in 2016. This drawing represent a key moment in the movie, better watch it if you want to understand.


Day 157

For every fan of Japanese movies out there, we watched a bunch of great ones recently, and one of them was Letter to Momo. The drawing represent the beginning of a letter written : Dear Momo. If ever you loved Ghibli studio movie you will find this movie quite similar and lovely! Bruno and I are big fans of those type of movie. Watching movies online together is a great activity for long distance relationship, so if you have any recommendations, let us know 😀


Day 156

Portuguese lesson everyone, important one… Coco is a word that has two pronunciation in Portuguese, and the difference is quite subtle… if you say it with a tiny accent on the first O, it will mean coconut from the palm tree, but if you say it without any accent on the first O, well… it means poop. So be careful, you might look weird while asking to drink poop water instead of coconut water!


Day 155

I took two language courses last fall : Portuguese and Japanese. It was an amazing experience. My Portuguese teacher invited us over one night to have feijoada which is a really typical Brazilian meal, and a delicious one! You have cassava flour, with bacon, olives, kale, black beans on rice and meat. This is definitely not a light meal, but such a great one. If ever you pass by a Brazilian restaurant make sure you try it! 🙂