Day 190

This one is a bit sad. The day before my departure my little mama birdy died. She died of old age. She spent 6 years with me, making my days brighter with her singing. Having birds can fill a room believe me! Bye Bye little Mama… I will miss you, and your cute “mi mi mi” sounds.



Day 188

For all of you who are following us since the beginning, or that read a lot of our post, you are aware that Bruno was trying hard to be accepted in a Canadian University. Sadly this didn’t work out. Mean while, in the last past months, we both went through the rocky road of existential questions… asking ourselves if what we were doing was the right thing. It is hard to be certain in life, but we both decided to change path after all those years studying in one domain. In those hard moments, believing in each other is more than important. Believing in each others capacities, and dreams. I believe in him, I believe in us, and I believe that our rocky road chasing our dream is the best thing that we can ever do. It was a hard decision that we had to do, but in the end… if we don’t try it we will never know. ❤ To all of you out there who are going through a similar situation, keep on going, and follow your heart, it will never lie to you.


Day 184

It was the birthday of Bruno’s Grandpa in January, and he was asked to draw him as a gift. We thought that we could share on of his original drawing in here also 🙂 I hope you enjoy. Keep tune, we have more to come for the DrawingAday Challenge!

Funny fact : Bruno doesn’t know how to speak nor write correctly in Japanese, but he know few words. So he badly wrote grandpa in Japanese (jii-chan), and wrote down the way our names “sounds” when we pronounce it in Japanese…. gosh this is awful!


Day 181

I really enjoy this drawing, because, it represent well the difference that might have two people but still be incredibly compatible. I like our differences, and the way it creates a dynamic in our couple. Difference aren’t always walls between people, it can also be bridges.