Day 210



yep no kidding, we ate at a restaurant held by ex-sumo fighters, and they are serving what sumo eats, and guyz, this is delicious! That restaurant is called Bueno, and is situated near Paulista. Go and try it, now! (if possible).212


Day 209

Day 6, gosh we did a lot on that day. I was sick but had enough energy to go downtown and visit a lot of places. First, we went to a cafe called “Isso e Café “(this is coffee). This place is special because of it’s emplacement, which is right over an highway. Second, we went to Itau Cultural to see the private collection of the founder of the bank Itau. The first thing you see when you enter this collection is a white hall covered with paints and drawings of plants and animals of Brazil, and this is jaw dropping (what Bruno is partially representing in this drawing). If you have time, it’s free and quite interesting. After a tiny break, we went to see a house built by the emperor for his daughter (free cultural activities yay!). Finally, after shopping a bit, I experimented another coffee at Havana (I know so hipster), which is a really good coffee brand in Brazil (if you see one try it!).

NB: Everything that I mentioned in this post is situated near or on Paulista avenue, a huge highway, really famous in Sao Paulo, so you should check it out!


Day 208

Day 5 : We went to play bowling!! Why not? And for everyone that was wondering, oh so much, how we say bowling in Portuguese : BOLICHE! (sorry guys, it made me laugh so hard).

Have a nice day guys!


Day 207

Day 4 : I met the grand parents of Bruno that day. It was a nice and simple encounter, but the funny part out of it, is that  I learn that actually Bruno’s real name is Hugo… or maybe not? Well his grand parents seems to think so!
The real fact behind this story is that Bruno’s grand parents tend to mix his cousin (name Hugo) and himself, and it was really funny, not a single time they called him by his real name, and everyone was laughing each time. It was quite entertaining!


Day 206

Day 3 : shopping for Brazilian bikinis…. oh dear god. My sister in law told me that I was using a grand-mother bikini so I needed to find another one… hahaha! So, I followed her in an adventure that actually lasted for a few days looking for bikinis. In my eye, Brazilian bikini are quite small, and don’t cover much… actually not only for me, but for everyone around me in Canada also. We have that prejudice (that is actually not one, sorry hahaha) that Brazilian bikini are too”sexy” to be wearable in public. But eh! you never know, I ended up buying two set, that were (quite large for Brazilian bikini) but that I like very much! I felt comfortable to wear those in Brazil, now let see if it will be the same back in Canada…


Day 205

Day two! We went back to Liberdade, the chinatown of Sao Paulo because I really badly wanted to go there. I was searching for onigiri, and I wanted to eat convenient store one, because I never did before. I finally found some, and kept them saying that it would be a great snack the next day while we are going out… it turns out that two days after, when I finally wanted to eat them we saw written down : to eat immediately… gosh, that was a fail.

By the way the red lantern on this drawing are the traditional  lanterns found all around Liberdade.


Day 203

Hi guyz! I finally have a computer, it almost died, but now I have it back! So here we go with another drawing :

So this drawing represent the fact that we are, again separated by 5000 miles…. gosh this is not easy. But we will work to fine a way to get together soon enough, we know it.


Day 202

So this time it is for real I’m leaving, no more storm in the USA. But I was more than happy to have 3 more days with Bruno. I could even see his graduation! So from now one we will begin to post drawings about my trip to Brazil and tell you how our crazy adventures together! IMG-20170311-WA0020