Day 220

Near Cabo Frio in the north of the state of Rio de Janeiro, we went to visit an island called “ilha do Japonês”, which is an island with beaches, well known from the local people. What is special about it is that you need to walk into the water to get to the island. It was weird… it felt a bit Jesus like… It was somewhat nice if you get rid of all the shells and jellyfish that were hurting our feet. The island wasn’t in itself pretty, nor the water, there was a lot of trash and people, I wouldn’t recommend it as a touristic point. But well it was funny to see. (By the way Bruno said before we arrived that he’d seen photos of that place and that the water was so blue, it was so pretty, and marvelous, “SENSACIONAL” even, well.. that was a fail Bruno, huuuge fail, PS I still love you).



Day 219

For all the Brazilian out there… yeah I asked for a mango Caipirinha at a restaurant…

And now for all the non Brazilian that are making a “I don’t understand” face right now, let me explain why this is odd.

In Brazil, Cachaça is the most popular alcohol in Brazil. The best seller drink is made with this alcohol and it is called Caipirinha (Recipe: Cachaça, sugar, squished fresh fruits, and ice). So you are basically drinking fresh fruits, almost entirely, and alcohol. In my innocent way of seeing it, I though you could ask for any type of fruits to make that wonderful drink! But well I learned on my own that nope, you can’t ask for any fruit. I ordered a mango Caipirinha one day, and the waiter looked at me with such a surprised face, while my sister in-law and her boyfriend started to laughed. Then, they explain to me that they have a list of fruits that they use like, lime, pineapple, passion fruit, kiwi, etc. But well… the waiter ended up doing a mango for me anyways (touriiisssttt), AND GUYS THIS IS GOOD! Even though everybody around me found the texture weird, they said that the taste was good in the end 😛


Day 218

We went to see Cristo!!! dear lord… the road to get there was torturous but so amazing, we saw beautiful houses that had a more of a European feeling. And yeah… Cristo is a bit smaller than I thought, but still impressive for one of the Wonders of this world. After the ride back down (such high Mountain filled with favella, also called comunidade, or morro), we went directly to Pao de acucar, the famous mountain in Rio. Here’s a bit of history behind the building on top of this crazy steep mountain… I was curious about how they could possibly construct something there since there is NO access whatsoever. I was thinking…. plane? helicopter? super hero? I really don’t know…. Well apparently, a crazy guy decided one day to do it by climbing with pieces and tools… one by one! Oh well, crazy, but impressive, dude.220

Day 217

Ubatuba time! A wonderful city by the water. This time it was only Bruno and I. We stayed at his friends apartment for two days. On that day, we relaxed a lot since I was looking like a lobster and we were both tired. At night, we decided to cook for his friends since they were lodged us. We did a ramen pot full of veggies, and good stuff, everything was looking so great and there was only the eggs left to cook. So we cracked the eggs directly inside the huge pot, and then…. the last one… was rotten. We lost the entire thing. Shit happens right?


Day 216

Third and last day in Paraty and its surroundings.

We had the dog of the family with us during that journey, and Laila is quite a show sometimes. On that day, we went to see cascades and eat in a restaurant in the wood (you literately need to hike to go there). Laila, that never when out on a trip before, therefore never ever swam in her entire life also, went crazy when she saw us going in the water and letting her behind. She though we were in danger, and without even hesitating, dived into the water to come join us, we were SO surprise! What a good dog! and wanna know something even more crazy? We could actually slide in the waterfalls. I did it a few times, and then when my father in law took Laila with him on the top of the waterfall, she decided to secure the path for him, and slide all the way down before anyone slide! What a dog…. really! Please let me know in the comments down below if you ever saw a dog sliding in waterfalls before.


Day 215

Second day in Paraty!! marvelous city just go there if you can! SPECIAL TWILIGHT EDITION TODAY (I know you wanna know why…. so keep reading :D)

So what did we do all day? TOURIST THINGS! ah yess! We went on a big boat to go visit island around Paraty. Basically you can eat, drink, tan, swim, enjoy live music on those boats, and this is marvelously touristy, but it is worth it. You can rent snorkels and look at the corals and fishes in clear blue water this is amazing.  Please bring sunscreen, and put it EVERY hour… don’t do like me, and of course as a super duper white tourist, burn…

Now… wanna know a secret about the Twilight movie? I’ll tell you…. if you want to see that amazing/crazy castle that the couple go on their honey moon in the movie, you need to rent a boat in Paraty and you can go see it on one of those private island (it is really impressive). Wanna know something more about Twilight (ah yess I know you wanna hear about it), if you wanna see the famous forest where they run all the time in the first movie, you need to go to Tofino, situated on the Vancouver Island (yes… Bruno and I are visiting every place from the Twilight movie apparently, please don’t laugh it is by pure coincidence)

Now… why is there Coxinha on this drawing? Well because, after that crazy day, I was craving for Coxihna…. sadly, I made Bruno walk the ENTIRE city with me, to find one, and we didn’t. So I sadly ate a hot dog instead, and went we were going back home… that is where Bruno stumble upon a restaurant that was selling… Coxinha! Dear lord why…


A year already!?

Hey guys, we realized that this week is our first year blog anniversary! 😀 And I wanted to say thank you so much to everybody that is following us in our adventures as a LDR couple, and supporting us from everywhere around the world! Yes check out the awesome stats guyz (crazyyyyyy):


Special thank you to our dedicated followers :), we are really happy to share all of this with you!

So… we wanted to celebrate this of course, and for celebrating this amazing thing here’s the cheezee evolution of our couple in the last two years (well allllmost two years) :


Told you there would be some cheese! Okay kidding, really wanna laugh now, check this out => Bruno and I in Victoria, where we met, having too much fun at the X-men Castle (ahhhh yissss)


When we first parted (4 months of togetheness + geekness)


When Bruno came to see me during the cold winter of Canada 🙂 9 months of togetherness ❤


Last summer/Winter (for Brazilian) : When we first went to Coffee Lab (1 year and 2 months of togetherness + hipsterness this time)


Finally us at the beginning of March this year : 1 year and 10 months aaahh yisss)


So yeah… a total of four trips, tons of love and dedication to each other 🙂 and it keeps on going strong! Stay tuuuunnnnneddd



if you were able to read up to here, well good job, we love you, thank you for supporting us, and here some more fun just for you : (Because we are so fashionable)


Day 214

Day 11: ROAD TRIP TIME !!!

We took the shortest route to go to Paraty through the land. We crossed mountains, we had tons of incredible views, but not as intense as when we went down the mountain to get to Ubatuba…. The road to go through the mountains is crazily steep. You see tons of cars stop on the side of the road because they couldn’t go up or down. Sometimes to take a curve we needed to completely stop the car and then turn around. This is as steep as this could be. When we finally arrived in Ubatuba for dinner (which is a wonderful city next to the water) we had a traditional local sea food meal.

After few other hours drive (I don’t remember I was sleeping) we arrived in Paraty. The room we had for two days was super cute, and overall the “Pousada” we were in was very very lovely (Pousada is the name for hostel, or inn). Even though we were tired, we went for a walk through the historical portion of the city of Paraty for an hour (gosh marvelous place) having ice cream and enjoying the full moon view over our heads at the beach! 216

Day 213

Day 10 : Don’t be confused by the drawing, it was a real old friend reunion for Bruno, but the dog of his friend though…. he made a special impression on us (you can guess why by the drawing). Other than the dog experience, we had homemade Brazilian pizza, it was great. For people that doesn’t know, a typical American pizza, is basically rare in Brazil. You will have more of Tuna, or calabrese and onions pizza (and even egg if you want) before you find a pepperoni and cheese one, this is quite funny, and different.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-04 at 10.55.26 PM

Day 212

Day 9 : We went to fetch our Carnival tickets that day and it was a hell of a ride. Of course everything that we wanted to do before going went down the drain because of printer failures, and basically life happening. At least we finished our day with something nice which was going at the mall to retrieve our couple rings.

Again very simple day, but you know… even if it is called a “trip”, we try as hard as possible, when we are together, to make it look like normal life, pimped up 😉

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-02 at 3.51.46 PM