A year already!?

Hey guys, we realized that this week is our first year blog anniversary! 😀 And I wanted to say thank you so much to everybody that is following us in our adventures as a LDR couple, and supporting us from everywhere around the world! Yes check out the awesome stats guyz (crazyyyyyy):


Special thank you to our dedicated followers :), we are really happy to share all of this with you!

So… we wanted to celebrate this of course, and for celebrating this amazing thing here’s the cheezee evolution of our couple in the last two years (well allllmost two years) :


Told you there would be some cheese! Okay kidding, really wanna laugh now, check this out => Bruno and I in Victoria, where we met, having too much fun at the X-men Castle (ahhhh yissss)


When we first parted (4 months of togetheness + geekness)


When Bruno came to see me during the cold winter of Canada 🙂 9 months of togetherness ❤


Last summer/Winter (for Brazilian) : When we first went to Coffee Lab (1 year and 2 months of togetherness + hipsterness this time)


Finally us at the beginning of March this year : 1 year and 10 months aaahh yisss)


So yeah… a total of four trips, tons of love and dedication to each other 🙂 and it keeps on going strong! Stay tuuuunnnnneddd



if you were able to read up to here, well good job, we love you, thank you for supporting us, and here some more fun just for you : (Because we are so fashionable)



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