Day 236

May 17 2015

She invited me to watch a movie at her place. (dot)

In my head I thought:

Okay, is this something? What is gonna happen? Am I going to have a heart attack?

So off we go to her place, I chose Wreck it Ralph dunno why though. But it is a good movie regardless of the situation please hahahaha. I wonder if the choice of the movie really matter for us at the time hahaha.
We sat at her bed side by side, lights off, computer right between us. Perfect time to act!

But no HAHAHAHAHA why? I guess only God knows at that time, I had zero courage to do something. That was my test and I passed it, I was going to live forever alone. Hahahahahaha

After the disaster I took a cab and went home, the cab driver even said:

– Ohhh that’s nice to have a time with your girlfriend right?

I just had energy and courage to say:

– Hum? Oh yeah (I wish) HAHAHAH



Day 235

May 16 2015

Highland festival day!

She invited me the day before and to be honest I didn’t even know what was it about since we don’t have this culture. But hell, of course I would go! I loved her company and new experiences are always welcome.

I really enjoy it! Nothing close to what I experienced before, we had a great time.


Day 234

May 15 2015

After work we decided to go and enjoy the beach.

Ps: the beach is mainly composed by rocks and the water is cold as hell (just as the wind). Basically everything is cold.

I really enjoyed this time, we sat at the beach over dead trees like a beautiful couple … If only we were one ….
Anyway, another opportunity and what did I do?


I was wondering how frustrated she was towards my lack of action. Don’t get me wrong I just didn’t know the good time, the intercultural relationship got me stuck I guess.

After the beach we went downtown to have dinner. Wow what a dinner, it is a korean restaurant called Sura. The BBQ type that they cook the meal on your table, so amazing, super good, super couple moment again. But no hahahahha dear lord
It was a great time, not only for the food but for the company.


Day 233

May 14 2015

Big day

We went for a lunch then stayed in the middle of the campus to take a bit of sun sitting on the grass. (it is seriously great to have that)

We started to talk about our motivations in life and that I didn’t have the will to “go and get it”

She got it and say this to me

– Julie-Anne: Humm you know there are moments in life that you need to take actions

My thoughts:

– Oh dear lord, is this about me?

And she continues:

– Julie-Anne: If you want something you should go for it

And I think … ok matrix, is this a bug?

She insists!

– Julie-Anne: At least once in your life you need to be strong and grab it

Dear lord, thank you for this sign, this is everything I ever wanted right now. The moment is perfect, the conversation is perfect, the starts are aligned with Mars and the Sun, everyone else here in this campus right now is happy.

So, I didn’t do anything.

After the job we went to see the sunset at Gonzales Hill in Victoria. Such a great view for a sunset. But unfortunately, my distance judgment was affected by the bug in the matrix and I felt from the rocks.

It didn’t even look like a really bad accident that would you say MY GOD.

It was the type of that you don’t get hurt but your feelings that need to go to the hospital (and never come back).
I was so embarrassed that I should just threw myself from the hill right away.

Later after this disaster we went to a pub to finish the night. At least this part it was fine, we had live music, good drinks (even though I don’t drink) and a great conversation.



Day 232

May 13 2015

She message me at 1:11 AM

I thought with myself … she either want to say that I have zero social skills and want to call the police or just want to chat.

Luckily just a chat (yesss* cheers)

PS: In the conversation I told her that I went to see a movie, which I didn’t remember the name nor the protagonist’s name, but I still told her the end of it.

Seriously? I mean, not even in Brazil I do that hahahahaha someone help me because I’m broken


Day 231

May 12 2015

She invited us to have lunch but my supervisor was busy, so I went to join her alone.
Of course I was tense I delivered the worse first impression ever the day before.

*Disclaimer: Living in a different country and dealing with other culture is not easy, considering not only people from Canada since there are tons of people from everywhere in the world.

So, sometimes your mind gets bugged (e.g. 404, Blue Screen of Death, etc.) and even the simpliest tasks might confuse you.

– Julie-Anne: So let’s walk for a chat!

In my head, I have no idea what happened but I thought:

– Me: Oh okay, let’s take the longest route ever to go back to work!

Of course that after a while she says:

– Julie-Anne: Hey aren’t we taking a long time to go back?


But you know … seriously, twice? I’m really bad at socializing.
The Sims social skill lvl 0

In the end it was fine, she didn’t call the police and we had a great conversation.


Day 230

Hey everyone!

We will have a week break of Julie-Anne’s trip in Brazil. I’m here to share this time my point of view of our first week, how we met and how bad I am.

May 11 2015

First time we met

First day of my job: After a introduction of the place, my supervisor brings me to the kitchen for a coffee. This is when I saw her for the first time, the amazingly beautiful girl that had such a charming smi..

– So, Bruno this is Julie-Anne
– @_@ oh HELLOO

Good start, imagine the worst introduction ever in your life, that was me performing.

I was so preocupied overthinking in the first milliseconds that I had zero time to be and to look like a normal person. Everything I could do was look shocked and almost scream HELLOO


Day 229

Day 26 : Again, again and again, going back to the chinatown to have our bubble tea, japanese food and crazy kitkats (raspberry, matcha ones). We stumble upon miniatures food keychains, and since I am a crazy fan of keychains (don’t ask me why, I don’t even know why), we bought two replica of baby coxinhas (chicken salad stuffed fried dough).

And for those who wonder that is the chopstick on the drawing, I offered a hair chopstick to Bruno as well on that day 🙂


Day 228


On one lovely day, Bruno and I decided to do a photoshoot… and then…

… well I think that there is nothing else to say seriously, if ever you want to see the original fashion show photo (this is more than worth it)… well go and read our 1 year blog anniversary post A year Already?!?!. When we are saying fashion… we mean real fashion *wink*.


Day 227

Day 24: Sao Paulo Carnival!!!! What an amazing night!

For all the people out there that doesn’t know what a Brazilian carnival is, I’ll explain it to you (well I’m only talking about the school of samba contest, which is the most famous part of the whole thing, the rest is pretty much party animal things haha). First, there is only few half naked women in the samba school competition itself (if this is what you are looking for, sorry mate wrong number). It is more about a creation of a song, story, dances and giant trailers. For one school there is about 4000 peoples in crazy fantastic costumes that are walking in front of you, accompanied by a live band, for an hour. In one night there is about 7 schools that will walk. Each school has a different story, and song to tell you. So, you spend the whole night seeing stories being danced and sing in front of you! The creativity is marvelous to see. I am going to be realistic it wasn’t at all what I was expecting here, since I though it was only half naked women dancing for hours (stereotype from America, sorry guys). But I was really surprised delighted by it! You should definitely check it out!