Day 238



Day 237

May 18 2015

The day we first kissed

It was a holiday so we didn’t go to work. She suggested that we take a walk on a park nearby her place called Macaulay Point Park. It’s beautiful there, it is a deactivated military point of defense, so it had a crazy view of the coast.

After the last night I decided that I would do something. I made a plan in my head, everything was perfect. I was going to knock on her door and as she open it I would go right away for it … However …

SHE WAS WAITING FOR ME OUTSIDE!!!! Why, just why Murphy why you do this to me?
Of course my brain stopped
But it was for a greater moment, the grand finale.
We went to the highest peak of the park which has only one bench, amazing view, weather, beautiful sun, the wind not too harsh, just perfect.

She went and sat on the bench, my heart beatings started to sound like a party, I felt cold, my belly was feeling like there was a black hole swallowing everything (I was hoping that I did not feel like pooping). I was nervous, that moment, few minutes felt like hours.
So then I finally had the courage, I put my hand into her neck and approached our lips together …

The Odyssey finished and our story has just begun …

Love, you are an amazing person
You changed my life
I love you