Day 249

Out of the blue, this isn’t link to anything at all, just enjoy the silliness of Bruno. He dared me to post this drawing, and there you go Love! I did it!



Day 248

Day 32 : The end! hahaha! Finally, after a long long day, we watched one of the Ghost in the shell movies. (Cute drawing representing it that is for sure! :3)


Day 247

Yup still day 32! Lunch time and the end of the afternoon was spent in Liberdade (chinatownnnn for the winnn). We went to a restaurant called Momo Lamen house! Fresh ramen is always a great thing to eat. We also had bubble tea at the Bubble kill cafe (crazy place just go there if you can).


Day 246

We are still on day 32! And we didn’t pass lunch time yet! hahah We also went to the cultural center of Sao Paulo, one of the place that I would definitely hang out with friends all of the time if I were to live in Sao Paulo. Tons of people are just hanging out, others creating arts, others studying, others dancing! It’s amazing to see all that youth doing stuff all together.


Day 245

Day 32, second part! After the Gregorian choir stuff, we went to the Mercado Municipal, which is a crazy huge market in the center of the city, we had a huuuge Pastel to eat for two as a breakfast! For those who doesn’t know what a Pastel is, it’s basically fried pie paste in a rectangular shape, filled with meat, eggs, or tons of different stuff that you can choose! And I also tried a fresh pineapple juice with mint, it was quite surprising.


Day 244

Day 32 was definitely a crazy one, we did quite a lot of stuff! So Bruno decided to represent that day in multiple drawings, this one represent the church where we went to listen to a Gregorian choir in the morning! (we woke up really early for that! it is apparently a really famous one)


Day 243

Day 31. Geek time (again!). Pitta’s is seriously one of the best boardGame house/cafe in the area of Sao Paulo with Encounter BoardGame. We went with our common friends, which are guyz that we both met in Victoria when we were staying there. 🙂


Day 241

Day 29.

Quite a warm day, nice weather, great day for an ice cream nah? oh well… yes until you finally find one! Apparently I am great at making Bruno walk an entire city to find the exact thing that I wanna eat. So yeah, we had an ice cream saga through the whole neighborhood (I think we spent almost an hour searching) until across the highway (which was freaking dangerous to cross) we found ice cream HURRAY!

how can people not have ice cream seriously? pffff


Day 240

Day 28 !

We decided to go back to Vila Madalena that day! The hippy center of Sao Paulo. For lunch we ended up at MEATs, which is a burger place that I recommend. Industrial look, great choice of beer, and funky burgers. I took the Greenator (avocado, fried tomatoes, and spicy burger), while Bruno took an Arab hotdog? That was funny, tons of cream and cucumber.

For the second part of the day, we went back to coffee lab. That coffee place is one of the best cafe in Sao Paulo in my opinion. Great look, great choices, all local, and really creative. Talking about being creative…  Bruno ordered a juice, well he thought it was, actually is was a juice mixed with coffee, quite a surprise. And then we ordered a cake dipped into a milk coffee, and finally I ordered the set of 3 coffee to try from Brazil… gosh too much coffee for two. And of course we didn’t sleep at all from all that caffeine.