Day 240

Day 28 !

We decided to go back to Vila Madalena that day! The hippy center of Sao Paulo. For lunch we ended up at MEATs, which is a burger place that I recommend. Industrial look, great choice of beer, and funky burgers. I took the Greenator (avocado, fried tomatoes, and spicy burger), while Bruno took an Arab hotdog? That was funny, tons of cream and cucumber.

For the second part of the day, we went back to coffee lab. That coffee place is one of the best cafe in Sao Paulo in my opinion. Great look, great choices, all local, and really creative. Talking about being creative…  Bruno ordered a juice, well he thought it was, actually is was a juice mixed with coffee, quite a surprise. And then we ordered a cake dipped into a milk coffee, and finally I ordered the set of 3 coffee to try from Brazil… gosh too much coffee for two. And of course we didn’t sleep at all from all that caffeine.



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