Activities (special edition)

A way to construct something special between you and your SO (significant other) is to do team work!

Soooo….Here’s another activity post, but slightly different this time. This post is dedicated only to team work and how it can help reinforce your couple!

Team work can be done in many different ways:

Cooperatives games where you need to play as a team against the game or someone else are an excellent trick. It helps building a couple strategy, trust in one another, understanding the way of thinking of your partner, etc.  Game example :  OK GO. You basically need to link two random words with 1 word as quick as possible. You need to know how the other is thinking. Team work 101! You can also try any board games (ex: Hanabi, Pandemic), card games, etc… Don’t underestimate those simple things that you can learn from games since, what you learn from your partner can be applied in daily life.

Another way to upgrade your team spirit is to create your own couple project. The best example we can give here is basically this blog and the work we put into it! Bruno helps me with the posts, design of the page, ideas, support, etc. The new logo of this website was created by Bruno and I. We used both our talent to make it look good. Bruno was doing the Photoshop part while I was doing the “artistic direction” part. So what you can do is to start something that represent both of you and help each other along the way! It could be a YouTube Chanel, scrap-booking, writing project, drawing project, etc…

Since being in a LDR is a team work where both needs to put 100% effort to make it work, I thought that talking about this might help for some of you out there. Let me know your thoughts on this!

Thanks for following us.

Bruno & Julie-Anne


List of activities (2)

Hello there! Want some more activities to do with your LDR SO (significant other)?? Here we go!

PS. Don’t hesitate to add more in the comment section down below!

8 – Friends and family meetings on Skype. It is not because you are living miles away that you can’t have a good relationship with his/her family and friends! One day Bruno and I have watch Game of Thrones with all our friends together.

9 – Guessing game. When I buy a gift for Bruno, the guessing game becomes the best game in the world. I don’t want to simply tell him what I found out for him, he needs to guess it! It is a funny and interactive way to share what you bought. The guessing game can be use for pretty much every thing and can be a simple game to play too!

10 – Shopping!!! Of course I am a girl, and I love shopping. But what I like most is to show Bruno what I am trying on, and see if he likes it or not! I can even buy things for him too if he likes it. In the last post I shared the WhatsApp application. For shopping with your SO, I would say that this application is a must. If you can have an internet connection, then you can send pictures of everything that you are currently trying or seeing.

11- Movies and Tv series. Who doesn’t like a cuddling movie night with his/her significant other? There is now a lot of website that allows us, LDRs, to watch videos (Youtube, Movies, Tv shows) at the same time. Why not watching your favorite Tv show with your love each Friday night? Check out the list of website on LDR Magazine website!

12 – Learning a new language. For all of you out there in and LDR-intercultural relationship, learning the first language of your SO could be really interesting. Even more if you think on going/living to his/her country. There is many ways to do it :

  • YouTube capsules can be quite good, take a look
  • Learning with your SO (Your SO could teach you, and vice versa!)
  • Online courses
  • HelloTalk, an application to help you with any language

13 – Making videos together! We see many LDR couple vlogging about their daily life. If it’s a thing that interest you, you should definitely try it! And think about it, you’re creating souvenirs at the same time :).

And that’s it for this week activities list! Hope you liked it. See you next week!


List of activities

Hello there!!!

I decided to begin a list of things you can do while still being miles away from each other! LETTUCE BEGIN! (I found this cute expression out of Krist Soup on youtube! Check out her channel!)

First of all, we all know that Skype is a must! But what else can you share?

  1. If you like to play games you should take a look at : Board game arena! This is a website where you can play board games for free online with other people. If you have a taste for competition, check this out ;).
  2. We also found a game to play on our cellphone called : Ascension, check this out if you like card games!
  3. Since we like to draw things for each other why not drawing something that will appear directly on the lock screen of your SO cellphone? : LokLok is for you! Check this app out. Bruno and I have been using this for a few weeks now, and we love it!
  4. Questions list is a must! If you think you knew everything about your partner, well try out some lists on internet for free or try out books!
  5. How to text each other without paying monstrous price? Bruno and I have been using the application WhatsApp since the beginning of our LDR, and this allows us, with an internet connection to send to each other pictures, voice messages, texts and to talk on the phone. What’s more fantastic about this application ? It’s free!
  6. If you follow our blog post, there was drawing together on Skype mentioned on a previous post! But it doesn’t hurt to repeat. If you want to know more about how we do our drawing appointment take a look in our creative list blog post!
  7. Dates! Oh yes dates! Bruno and I invite each other officially on dates. For example, you can cook together, planning the same meal and then have a romantic dinner together. I even had coffee with Bruno (internet is required of course at the coffee shop). A little note here : Act as if you invite your SO in real life on a date. It is not because you are only talking on Skype that cancelling a date is less offensive to your significant other.

This is it for the first list post! Let us know if you want to know more activities to do together and applications that helps!

Julie-Anne & Bruno

Couple drawing session?

Hello there,

If you stumbled upon our blog and saw the drawingAday and found it interesting, well we decided to elaborate a bit about it and transform it to a couple drawing session.

Drawing together on Skype you will say?? Why the hell not!

If you are wondering what type of activity you can do together, here’s one that can help you reinforce your creativity. We all know that being in a LDR means that we need to be creative, and a good way to practice that out is… Drawing!

Before we thought about that, we were separately drawing times to times and sending each other what we’ve done. One day we decided to try to do it together, and get inspiration out of the same thing and see what we get. He’s really efficient on his cellphone, and I am better with good old classic pen and paper. The thematic is always different, but the basic of it is always is the same… we LOVE cute things! Especially pandas… So here’s a result of one of those session:


Sushi time!

If you want to do the same thing, this is quite easy. Go on Pinterest together, or even on Google image, find an animal/object/food/whateveryouwouldliketodraw and GO! Here’s a little list of things that you can write to find cute things:

-Chibi X (replace the X by basically anything)

-Plushies of something (it’s always cute!)

-Manga (I find that manga has funny way to draw animals or cute creatures!)

-Cute drawings (as simple as that!)

-Sketches of X (Bruno’s best advice, he found tons with this on Pinterest)

My advice : Your imagination is your best friend :). No need for cute things if it doesn’t inspire you, find something that both activate your imagination. Don’t be sad if you can’t find a common idea, you can also draw different things. Here’s another example that came out of an other session:

I hope this little post will boost your creativity! Post a comment if you tried it, and let me know the results. Everyone loves to have a little bit of inspiration after all!

Have a nice day.